1. Uno Hype sporting BLAK’D Clothing Co.

  2. Question ALL by BLAK’D Clothing Co. featuring Ace Cosgrove.

  3. KAHLON, 9/6/14. 

    Here is a little recap from this past weekends KAHLON event held at The Crown in Baltimore, MD. KAHLON is a bi-monthly concert party that showcases some super talented artist. This months event featured CHIFFON, Dan Deacon, Abdu Ali, and a hand full of amazing producers. From the two times I’ve attended this event, I can say they’ve expanded and it keeps on getting better. 

  4. Ace Cosgrove, 2014.

    Promotional photographs for Us V.S. Robots tape.

  5. Ace Cosgrove, 2014.

    Had the pleasure of shooting with my homie Ace. His project, US V.S. ROBOTS will be available very soon. He’s truly a great artist and I can’t wait till the rest of the world hears his new tape.

    Follow Ace here + listen to his music here 


  6. this summer…

    was an interesting one. I photographed things and events that were outside of my usual arena of photography. I shot pretty much everyday (although my Tumblr says otherwise lol). 

    I have learned many things though as a creative being. Over the summer there were many times when I wanted to quit. I thought I wasn’t as “great” of a photographer as others. I thought maybe photography or even being an artist perhaps was not my true ‘calling’. But I learned to push through. There are so many dark moments that one can experience when you contribute your art to the world. Of course people say, “you create your best work when you’re in a dark place”, but I can say that it has led me to appreciate myself and my art on another level. 

    I’ve said to myself and others that art is an extension of your being. You are art. 

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  7. Big KRIT at the Broccoli City Festival 2013.


  8. Kriss Mincey for NNaturalistaHairShow


  9. Andrew. 

    (Ending of the year)


  10. Sade.